Ave Maria Home Development

Promoting A Safe Haven For Homeless Pregnant women

SUNDAY JUNE 26, 2011
1-4 PM

This site is for the purpose of  informing you of the progress that is being made and to update you on events that surround our efforts to open the Ave Maria Maternity Home in Eastern Connecticut. We hope you have  traveled to this site to join us in our efforts to protect and nurture life which requires a secure environment to complete God's plan for the partnership between mother and child.

Homelessness in America of pregnant women accounts for a large percentage of the homeless population. It may endanger the health and life of both mother and child. Living in cars and under bridges or "couching it" as they say in a friend's living room. This aspect of the hardship and relationship during pregnancy has never been studied.There is much conjecture on this subject among social service providers and homeless programs. Do women get forced out of their homes because they are pregnant or become pregnant because they are homeless?

Most people would agree that when pregnancy occurs and you are unmarried and your relationship with the father of your child is unsustainable, you may become a target for abortion by friends, family and the father of the child himself.
A young woman may also feel that being pregnant and homeless means that she has nothing to offer the child. Abortion then may become the only solution in her mind to her dilemma.

The Ave Maria Home wishes to answer that need by providing housing, resource and educational preparation and spiritual renewal. The Ave Maria Home will close the gap in our local area and it  will be the only maternity
residence exclusively for pregnant women in Eastern Connecticut.  We have been offered a building free of charge to begin our first home. It could possibly open by October or sooner. It would house 10 women, a smaller number than our original goal. The state statutes in Connecticut require paid staffing for licensing of maternity homes; if we can raise $220,000 to pay salaries, we will open by October of 2010. 

You may be thinking, " just get them on welfare,  get them an apartment  and that will solve the problem". There is a reason they are homeless and you won't solve homelessness  and pregnancy overnight. Learn more on this subject on our Websites  Avemariahome.com, Avemariahome.net "Pregnant and Homelessness". 

Guided by spiritual values and beliefs of the Catholic faith, Ave Maria Home is a ministry which offers care and support for young pregnant women in crisis and their babies by providing them with housing, resources and spiritual direction through the love of Jesus Christ.

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